Ecological Urbanism Project Board

Posted: 2011,December 2 in Uncategorized

Landscapeurbanism in practice

The above link shows a pdf with some examples of Ecological/Landscape Urbanism in Practice. These examples were chosen because they were mentioned by Charles Waldheim in a presentation he has given at UNC. The reason I say this is because if you have followed the previous posts regarding the philosophies of the Landscape/Ecological Urbanists, you might be wondering how these projects pertain, as do I. The best answer I can give is that LU/EU is a means to an end, not prescriptive of an end product. In other words a somewhat prescribed process insead of a prescribed style. And so you might notice that it is possible to arrive at a product that is quite similar to a New Urbanist project.

Below is a link to the Waldheim Lecture. If you want the best explanation of what LU/EU is all about – its best to get it straight from the source. Also very interesting if you want to know what is going on at the Harvard GSD in terms of landscape architecture and Urban design. the lecture was in 2010 so it is very up-to-date


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